Discover the next step in our roadmap to "familiar"

The handbag is an interesting intermediary solution for an angel-witness, because it offers enough space to host a small box and a battery, while remaining discrete and portable. It allows you to be attached to a person instead of a place, like our VideoTestimony of Condominiums

Our goal: a prototype capable of collecting both audio and video recordings of the environment over the course of a full day. In the longer term, we envision an intermittent Bluetooth connection with the wearer's smartphone to retrieve GPS data, digital signatures, or export encrypted containers to remote storage.

This step marks the first steps of the WitnessAngel project in the world of "embedded" software: we can no longer be satisfied with powerful "microcomputers" like the Raspberry Pi, we will need to recode some of our software bricks in low-level languages, to make them work on smaller chips, less powerful, less expensive, and especially less energy consuming.