Our Technologies

Open-source philosophy

We expose on the Internet our cross-platform code libraries and demonstration programs, coded in Python/C languages.

Thus, any developer can validate the relevance of our ideas, the security of our software, and contribute to the common effort - for example by porting these systems to other hardware and software environments.

Privacy guaranteed

Our recording devices, dedicated to collecting evidence of violences, all use flexible secure containers, cumulating encryptions and signatures to protect everyone's privacy.

Each system thus configures which "key guardians" will be required to decrypt evidence, and which will be able to share their prerogatives with other independent trusted parties.

Discover our solutions


Witness Angel Authenticator

The mobile and PC application for Key Guardians

In order to protect the records of the different angel witnesses (video, purse...), we needed a digital identity system easily accessible for the "Key Guardians".

The Autenticator application was designed to create, manage, and publish these digital identities.

In particular, it allows Key Guardians to remotely authorize decryption requests sent by victims.


Witness Angel Network Video Recorder

The ultra-secure videotestimony for condominiums

Our "NVR" looks like a typical video surveillance system, with a network camera installed in the common areas of a building, and connected by cable to a recording box.

However, it is also a witness-angel: the data is immediately encrypted in a one-way process, thanks to digital locks distributed between various elected members of the co-ownership.

Thus, in addition to the dissuasive effect of video surveillance, the residents are protected against attacks on their privacy, since the data can only be deciphered during a concerted procedure between the key guardians; for example, following a vandalism, a burglary, an assault...

This device belongs to the Witness Angel Wards family, which are non-personal, wired versions of the famous "Familiar".