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Mémo de vie

Mémo de Vie is a free and secure French online platform to save testimonies, life stories, official documents and media related to a situation of violence (in a couple, in the family, at work...).

Thanks to its library and useful contacts, it also provides access to resources and contacts adapted to the needs and situation of the victim.

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The French startup MyEli has developed a connected jewel, and the mobile application linked to it by Bluetooth.

By clicking on the button of the jewel, it is possible to notify your loved ones that you are safe, or on the contrary to warn them of a dangerous situation. This alert can trigger an audible alarm, the sending of a GPS tracking, and the audio recording of the event.

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MonShérif is a French start-up that has developed a discreet and connected device to prevent violence against women.

This "button" allows to send geolocalized alerts to relatives in case of threats, and to record sounds and movements.

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Mon chaperon

This French mobile application aims to connect pedestrians who do not want to travel alone with "chaperons" who will accompany them safely, especially at night.

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Kinetic Global

Kinetic Global (formerly LifeLine Response) is an international mobile application that can be linked to a smartwatch.

In the event of a aggression, this application raises the alarm through a sound audible several kilometers away, and an automatic call to the emergency services.

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Hollaback is an international movement to fight street harassment in all its forms.

Their mobile application allows people to testify about the violence they have suffered, and to receive support and advice from the community.

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The French association HeHop (Help for Hope) has developed a mobile application that captures photo, audio and video files of violent events. The media captured by the app is automatically recorded on the blockchain and secured in a digital vault.

To reveal the evidence, two digital keys are required - the user's, and one provided, upon request, by HeHop. The evidence is thus traceable from the moment it is captured to the moment it is handed over to the investigators, guaranteeing that it will not be altered.

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The French association HandsAway is developing a mobile application that allows victims and witnesses to raise the alarm in case of aggression.

It also offers workshops on deconstructing sexist and sexual violence in companies, in higher education and with schoolchildren, especially with the help of video games.

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FLAG! is a French association which aims to promote, within the Ministries of the Interior and Justice, firefighters and municipal police, the equal rights of all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and lifestyle.

Its mobile application "Flag!" allows you to send an anonymous, dated and geolocated report of the violences suffered. And its search engine "Safe place" allows you to find a place where the victim will be warmly welcomed, in the respect of his or her person and gender.

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Elle Cætera

The French association Elle Cætera has created Lilabot, a chatbot available 24/7 to inform and guide women victims of sexist and/or sexual violence.

Lilabot is able to identify cases of harassment (moral harassment, sexual harassment, sexist outrage) and sexual violence (rape, sexual assault, sexual exhibition), to reassure the Internet user and to give him/her the contacts of structures that can help.

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e-Enfance is a French association that aims to protect minors who are victims of violence on the Internet by making them aware of good digital practices. It intervenes in particular in schools with students, their parents and professionals.

Among other things, it develops a chatbot to advise young people, and the "My digital ally" tool, which identifies and archives hate messages received by children in order to gather evidence of cyber-bullying.

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Circle of six

The American company Circle of six has developed a mobile application that allows users to alert six people close to them in case of an imminent danger.

Users can also use it to find out about potentially unhealthy relationships, or alert the authorities in critical situations.

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Balance ton porc. com

The French BalanceTonPorc website allows victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape to anonymously post their stories, as well as support each other.

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"Witness Angel Lab"

Witness Angel Lab is a French collective developing technological solutions to enable victims of violences to collect evidence at any time, while guaranteeing the privacy of citizens.

These applications and connected objects (handbags, cell phones, watches, etc.) use cryptographic algorithms protected by trusted third parties, so that the recorded data can only be used in a judicial framework.

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