What's Flightbox?

Flightbox is a cryptographic system - a set of algorithms and conventions - that enables "write-only" encryption of data with great flexibility.

In concrete terms, Flightbox makes it possible to secure files so that they cannot be read without the agreement of a set of Key Guardians, who can be natural or legal persons.

In the case of Witness Angel, Flightbox is used to ensure that the recordings of a victim of violence cannot be decrypted without the agreement of the victim, and of a number of trusted third parties who will verify that the judicial procedure is respected.

There are many other uses for Flightbox: securing a company's credentials, protecting a couple's or a family's private data, sending sensitive files ultra-securely over the Internet... That's why we're also publishing this technology in its own right, to make it useful to as many people as possible.

Download Flightbox

Flightbox is directly integrated into the various application of the Witness Angel suite.

For stand-alone use of this algorithm, there are several possibilities:

Instructions for both are given in the Wacryptolib Documentation

The Flightbox reference source code is of course available in the Wacryptolib Repository!