The danger of current video surveillance

We currently have surveillance cameras installed everywhere in cities, in buildings, in vehicles... and they are very useful when there are assaults or other crimes, both to find the guilty and to exonerate the innocent; unfortunately, the security of these cameras is often very poor..

For example, on a website like, you can view a large number of real-time surveillance cameras in free access; video streams whose most crunchy passages will quickly end up on social networks.

This is due to multiple factors: empty or simplistic initial passwords on the cameras, security flaws in the management interfaces, unprotected video streams transmitted via Internet...

In early 2022, even the Ukrainian police patrol cars had their "dashboard cameras" open to the public, with the dramatic consequences that this could have had.


Solution : the Videotestimony

System code name: Witness Angel NVR (for Network Video Recorder)

To address this major problem of confidentiality, at least as far as the common areas of buildings or private roads are concerned, we have developed the concept of "videotaping".

What is the major innovation of this system? It records in "write-only" mode, which means that it immediately encrypts the video with several digital locks, whose keys are distributed among several people called "key guardians". They can be, for example, co-owners members of the union council, the janitor of the building, and members of the Syndic; and it is advised to have at least 4 different ones.

As a result, the only way to decipher a recording is for a sufficient number of these key guardians to provide their agreements, and their keys.

Thus we have the means to obtain evidence in case of burglary, assault, vandalism, or others; but also the guarantee that the recordings will not be exploited without the knowledge of the co-owners - either by a hacker or by an indelicate technician.



Build and configure your VideoTestimony

A video recorder is composed of a hardware kit (camera and recorder box), and of our versatile recorder application.

In addition to the video above, we've produced a series of written tutorials to help you set up the system.

The Key Guardians of you videotestimony will need to use the Witness Angel Authenticator application.