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The judicial truth of tomorrow is being played out today

Technical problems require technical solutions

Our conviction

A technological leap is needed to end judicial dilemmas

Current recording devices, despite their blatant contributions, remain problematic.

They require the victim to initiate the collection of evidence at a time when he/she is least able to do so, and when any misstep may put him/her in further danger.

They often ignore the context of the assault, what happens before the blows and insults ; that which makes it possible to know "who started what"; that which can differentiate a consensual sexual intercourse from a rape under shock; or a self-defense act from an attempted murder.

These flaws lead victims and activists to dangerous initiatives, such as challenging the presumption of innocence.

At the same time, the multiplication of surveillance cameras, car dashcams, and mobile recorders, leads to massive violations of privacy; without however preventing retouched videos and other fakes news, nor the persistence of interminable word-for-word trials, with their history of judicial errors.

Discover the "Familiar"

An effective and harmless witness angel

The technological breakthrough that we are pursuing is a write-only personal black box.

It looks like a portable recorder which, like in an airplane, will aggregate a multitude of surrounding information: video, audio, date and time, GPS position... and in a preemptive fashion, without waiting for an incident.

But beware, to protect the privacy of all individuals involved - the bearer as well as the people he/she crosses - this black box does not allow anyone to read alone the collected data. This is the major innovation of the device: storing the records in a one-way safe.

The data is therefore encrypted, timestamped, and signed with extremely powerful technologies; then the encryption keys - and potentially even the data - are scattered among various and independent trusted entities, preferably located abroad.

This evidence, thus placed in shared custody, can only be exploited in the context of a judicial process, at the request of the bearer. Indeed, only a strict procedure can lead the guardians of the different encryption keys to share them, under the supervision of sworn control entities.

Thus, the Familiar is comparable to a personal bailiff: an incorruptible and inviolable memory, which allows the bearer, only if and when he/she wishes it, to bring a really reliable testimony; so as to defend oneself, but also to defend one's fellows.

In addition, a "right to silence" guarantees the bearer that his/her Familiar - over which he/she has veto power - will never be used to testify against him/her.

The Familiar is thus part of the White Mirror philosophy: using the most advanced technologies available, but to give more and more freedom to each individual, instead of gathering immense powers in the hands of a few uncontrollable entities (State, enterprises...).

Note that we have designed a comic book, Meet Shivi!, to illustrate how a Familiar works!

The fundamental concepts of the Familiar : P.A.T.H


No invasion of the privacy of citizens
  • Write-only encryption
  • Data stratification by criticality
  • Minimum disclosures during trials


A protector accessible to everyone
  • Limited prices
  • No monopolies
  • Many formats and options
  • Public D.I.Y recipes


Complete and authenticatable evidence
  • Pre-aggression context
  • Wide-angle capture
  • Multiple viewpoints
  • Timestamps and signatures


The absence of dangerous side effects
  • No blackmails
  • No lies
  • No voyeurism
  • Duty of vigilance

Each person must remain in control of his/her own data; the prerogatives of legal entities (trusted third parties, the State, etc.) must be limited to what is strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the ecosystem.


No person should be assumed to be incorruptible, and no protection should be assumed to be unbreakable; only the multiplication of involved third parties and the diversity of their interests can avoid flaws in a system of permissions.


Sensitive devices, such as recording systems, can only gain the full trust of society by allowing any competent citizen to inspect their hardware and software aspects; for example by leaving the code open-source, and by physically disconnecting the sensors (camera, microphone, antenna...) when not in use.

Fair notion of privacy

This balanced concept is opposed to spying on innocent citizens as well as to an anonymity which would give full impunity to criminals. For example, it uses pseudonymity to hide the identity of individuals, while leaving the possibility of unmasking them in case of wrongdoing.

Our roadmap



Records secured by a distributed cryptosystem



Secure video testimony for public places and condominiums



Planetary network of key guardians and digital seals



Smartphone application recording foreseeable violence
(project in standby)



Transportable personal indicator for cars and handbags



Interconnection with state judicial systems



Personal, discreet witness-angel activable at all times

The challenges to reach the Familiar

Hand holding lights

Energy autonomy

An ally to rely on at all times

This is by far the biggest hurdle we have to overcome: designing systems that can store and encrypt large volumes of data, and still last at least a day without recharging. Improved batteries are not enough, so ultra-low power circuits will be needed.

Surface of a microchip


A question of practicality and security

A personal witness must be able to be carried everywhere, but also to become invisible to abusive spouses, stalkers, and other predators.

Trusted third party network

A global safety net for victims

In charge of distributing cryptographic keys and assisting victims in their legal proceedings, the independent organizations called "key guardians" will have to be sufficiently numerous and competent to fulfill their crucial role.

Justice scale and gavel

Interconnection with Justice

A symbiosis essential to the Rule of Law

The Familiar goes against the current of media lynchings and personal vengeance; its main objective is to pass as quickly as possible the baton to a legal procedure in due form. A certain amount of jurisprudence, and even new laws, will therefore be required for this new type of device to become deeply integrated into existing processes.