"None of us knows that which we know all together" — Euripides

Why join the collective?


Within this network, you will be able to relay information on the different forms of violence, and on the progress made by each entity. You will be able to bring your experience to keep the published articles true, relevant and inclusive.


You will be able to participate in the development and dissemination of common demands to the State, tthe GAFAM and the press.


You will be able to share your technological and legal expertise with other members, and report on good and bad practices regarding victim support and violence prevention.


You can, if you wish, participate in the development of a new generation of algorithms and portable devices, in order to make the collection of evidence more reliable while maximally preserving the privacy of all.

Associations, companies, public organizations, you are all welcome in this effort to raise public awareness, and to develop technologies able to protect persons from violence.

Our fundamental values

● The collection of diversified, contextualized and certified elements of proof, in order to make them available to Justice, while respecting the rights of the prosecution and the defense.

● The protection of the privacy of all individuals, especially when they are not involved in legal proceedings.

● A strong focus on the harmlessness of our actions, with drastic measures of protection against possible blackmails, extortions of confessions, data hacking, voyeurism, aggravations of violence...

Current topics in 2021

● The establishment of a network of "key guardians", trusted third parties meant to secure the evidence of violence against illicit access, while guaranteing its authenticity. In progress.

● The development and integration of ultra-secure technological bricks using this network of trusted third parties. In progress.

● The creation of an online comic book, to raise awareness about some forms of violence, and most importantly to illustrate the contributions of write-only systems in this field. Finished.

● Reflections on an open-data portal to disseminate and archive the anonymous testimonies of victims of violence. Cancelled, balancetonporc.com and similar sites are enough.