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Published: March 21, 2023

Spring 2023: a big step forward!


Fruitful events

A project like ours develops through exchanges and meetings. So we participated in Hackatons (collaborative programming workshops) and technology conferences; in particular in Fosdem, the biggest open-source gathering in Europe, and in PyConFR, the big French-speaking event on the Python computer language.

These events were an opportunity to present our inventions; but also to learn about the state of the art in cryptography, and new ways to develop hardware with open source software.


An end-to-end operational ecosystem

On the technological side: we now have a complete cryptographic system, Flightbox, which works both for encrypting records and for decrypting them in a collegial procedure between the different Key Guardians. And decryption is possible even remotely, thanks to the new version of our mobile application Authenticator. This system allows us to secure the data collected by all our solutions.

We are working on fixing some bugs and improving performance. But the big work in progress is the creation of a command-line interface (or "CLI"); that is to say a simple means of communication, so that other programs can use our algorithms without having to recode everything. This will facilitate their use by future partner organizations.


Birth of the twin witness angels!

Here's the big news: we're at an important milestone in the project, as we now have two prototypes of portable witness angels!

The first one, Dashcam, is a system that plugs into your car's power supply and serves as a dashboard camera, but respects the privacy of both passers-by and passengers. Of course, its ergonomics will have to be improved in order to better integrate it into the car.

The other prototype, Handbag, is much more ambitious. It is a personal witness angel, to be integrated into a handbag, and which allows us to experiment with our "Familiar" concept. Here again, major developments are to be expected in terms of miniaturization, solidity and autonomy, in order to make it usable in everyday life. Without forgetting the legislative work that will be necessary.


A Witness Angel consortium?

These systems are functional, but remain prototypes, proofs of concept. To transform them into general public products, we need the support of organizations external to Witness Angel. This is why we are currently looking for industrial partners, in particular in the field of video surveillance, dashcams, printed circuits, chips... And we also solicit associations and companies which would benefit from the development of these products.

If you have contacts to give us, it's time!


The future

As you can see, our projects have progressed well since last year. This year 2023 will be full of industrial challenges, but also of opportunities, because we now have completed inventions, which are just waiting to be transformed into everyday little angels!

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