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Published: Oct. 6, 2023

Autumn 2023: Various evolutions and a Poster!



Events and multimedia content

In the spring of 2023, with various interns coming to reinforce the project, we concentrated our forces on multimedia production for social networks: street interviews in Lyon, putting our Jade&Shivi comic strip on video, creating various posts in advance, and taking our first steps on LinkedIn.

Then, at EuroPython, which took place in Prague in July 2023, we were able to display the progress of our project on a large Poster, run a Hackathon to make progress on the code, and exchange with developers from all over the world.. This poster is downloadable in english and french versions.

After such an intense year of technical conferences, we now have a certain depth of vision on the state of the art: Python integration in web browsers and smartphones, open-source pipelines for digital chip design, various software libraries, etc.


Software developments

Our goal for the summer was to develop a Command Line Interface (CLI) so that anyone could easily play with our Flightbox cryptographic algorithm: create key keepers, encrypt data, verify containers... You can find the Flightbox documentation here; we'll of course be upgrading the interface as the need arises.

We have also upgraded the Authenticator mobile application on the Android and iOS stores. Not only to keep them up to date with developments on these platforms, but also to correct abnormal slowness in the management interfaces for "Revelation Requests" (sent to key keepers). Similar optimizations will arrive by the end of the year for recording software on PC/Mac/Linux/RaspberryPi.

As the icing on the cake, we were finally able to get our hands on a RaspberryPi Zero 2 board, far more powerful than its predecessor, and check that the W.A Recorder application ran on it without a hitch.

Partnerships and hardware development

To make the transition from prototypes to industrial products, we are slowly building up contacts with partners: safety auditors, chip and circuit board specialists, hardware integrators...

At the same time, we're beginning a project of performance tests (benchmarks) and flexible hardware developments (FPGAs), to determine what miniaturization/autonomy targets we can reasonably aim for, with current technologies. Knowing that formidable inventions, still in their infancy, will only multiply our possibilities: ultra-low-power image sensors, solid-state batteries, optimized RiscV microcontrollers...

When will we see a real Familiar in a watch or pendant? Wait and see!

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