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Published: Jan. 4, 2024

Tutorial: Prototype of witness angel dashcam


While we wait for commercial dashcams to integrate our famous Flightbox cyptosystem, here's the recipe for creating your very own car angel, without breaking the bank.


Materials required

  • Raspberry Pi Zero board (version 1 is sufficient)
  • A clock module (RTC), to keep the system on time 
  • Mini LCD screen with buttons (Waveshare 1.3 inch hat)
  • A high-capacity memory card in MicroSD format 
  • An official camera for Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Optional USB microphone with Micro USB OTG cable
  • A small external USB battery to cope with power surges
  • Screen/keyboard/mouse set, for configuration purposes 


System configuration

To play with this prototype, the easiest way is to use the preconfigured system image for Raspberry Pi, see details on the Witness Angel Recorder application page.

You can refer to this blog's tutorial "Videotestimony for Condominiums - Installation of the recorder box", for more details on setting up and using the Raspberry Pi system.

The main difference will be in the configuration of the peripherals: you'll need to disable the IP camera sensor, and instead activate the local camera (and even the local microphone if present), as well as the LCD screen.

Once everything is up and running, all you need to do is mount the system in front of your windscreen, inserting the external battery (or any other system capable of absorbing power peaks) between the power socket (e.g. USB adapter for cigarette lighter) and the Raspberry Pi.


Witness Angel Motif