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Published: June 30, 2022

W.A status in June 2022


Where is our (pharaonic) WitnessAngel project, at the end of the first semester of 2022?

The most visible news is the reorganization of our website, in order to expose our first prototypes and mobile applications in the "Technologies" section.

The first of these systems is, of course, our VideoTestimony for Condominiums, which allows you to protect the common areas of a building, without fearing that these recordings will be misused. If you like tinkering, we have posted tutorials in this blog to create this collective witness angel device from A to Z.

The newest technology project you'll discover on the website is a personal, portable, handbag-shaped witness angel. The challenge is big, because we will have to port our software to chips much less powerful than those used until now.

In parallel, to secure these various Witness Angels remotely, we are developing software called "Witness Angel Authenticator", which allows to create a digital identity to be a "Trusted Third Party", or "Key Guardian". This set of digital keys will allow both to secure the records of witness angels, and to give selective access to them in case of violence. You will find on this site the first Windows and Android versions of this software.

In order to extend the functionality of this Authenticator, we have deployed a web gateway that allows anyone to publish their trusted third party identity, so that Angel Witness devices can easily access it.

For the system to be complete, all we need is a remote authorization procedure to decrypt the evidence, which we are currently working on.

Finally, on the communication side, we have made some interesting contacts with associations and lawyers, in order to deploy a network of experimental Key Guardians for the "handbag" witness angel prototypes.

What are the next steps? Continue the development of our witness angel prototypes, port our Witness Angel applications to MacOSX and iOS, and continue to bring our concepts to the general public.

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