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Published: Nov. 18, 2021

W.A status at the end of 2021


At what stage of the WitnessAngel project are we, in this month of November 2021? 

As a reminder, this summer we finalized our comic book Jade&Shivi, which presents the different aspects of the witness angel in a playful way; and in the process, we released a video version of our manifesto, to present the main lines of this concept in only 2 minutes. We then translated our website and its various media (including comics and video) into English, to spread our ideas internationally.

In terms of "Victimtech": we have continued to map it in our directory, and to establish contacts with all these associations or startups that innovate technologically for victims.

On the technology side, precisely, we have improved our cryptographic system (called Flightbox), and we're finalizing a prototype of a collective witness angel: the VideoTestimony of Condominium. We post video tutorials on our Instagram to explain how it works.

Finally, we've had the chance to participate in October to the Citizen Code Night 2021, an open-source innovation marathon that allowed us to make some nice technical advances, and most importantly to meet a lot of great people and initiatives.

For the future, we are working on new prototypes of witness angel - but personal this time - and on applications that will allow the famous "trusted third parties" (or key guardians) to secure them from anywhere on the planet. The development of this Key Guardian Network will be one of our priorities, in terms of communication and partnerships.


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