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Published: Jan. 4, 2024

2024: New year, new software releases!


Publication of Flightbox

Witness Angel's little gift to everyone at the start of the new year is the Flightbox Algorithm!

This cryptographic system, which enables us to reconcile personal security and privacy, is now available as a stand-alone module: either as a software library in Python, or as a command-line program (CLI). And its documentation has been greatly enriched.

As the icing on the cake, the delicate cryptographic code of our algorithm was audited by Raccoon, a hacker from France, which validated that our use of the various encryption primitives (AES, RSA, PBKDF2...) was in line with the state of the art.

We hope these concepts and utilities will prove useful to projects other than Witness Angel!


Update of our software suite

The past year has also been dedicated to the stabilization, optimization and ergonomics of Witness Angel's main applications: Authenticator and Recorder.

Visit these pages to download the revised versions of these tools!

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